• Shine And Sparkle

    Party time always brings with it glitter and shine. Our new collection includes velvet, metallic prints and sequins- a must have to sparkle up your home!
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  • Spice is nice

    Turkey’s spice history spans centuries and encompasses a myriad of cultural influences. The Suzani and Ikat patterns, incorporates the spiciness of their culture, having a hand made effect, mixing different techniques such as prints, quilting, towelling and French knots. Every piece in this collection reminds us of the uniqueness of a hand-touched product.
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  • The Crunchy String

    Classic yet electric. The indigo blues bouncing off the rustic beiges. The simplicity of the patterns against the complexities of the handcrafted textures. Shades of indigo, azure and navy blended with egg shell creams and biscuit- this collection has a contemporary fusion of modern motifs and techniques with classical colours and feel.
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  • Pink Blossom

    Pretty in pink- an age old adage that we bring it to life with this collection of ours. Enticing, glossy and fabulous. Our this collection takes inspiration from the elegant rendering of flowers and plaints, exquisite butterflies and textural tweeds in a simply appealing color palette. A collection of exquisite prints in varying scales, printed on linens and cottons in a palette of ravishing pink tones along with intricately hand embroidered and hand crafted pieces makes this collection a must have for any home,
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  • Splendid Scarlet

    Scarlet, ruby, garnet, red.. these colours speak volumes about richness, opulence and royalty. Inspired by these terms, we have a collection that does address all these innate qualities of the colour, yet is modernised to fit the modern contemporary home. Intricate hand embroidery of Mother of Pearl on exquisite silks, hand embroidered beads on an ombre silk and luscious textured fabrics add to the regal element. Every cushion cover in this collection is lavish and luxurious. Who said opulence and lavish can’t be young, trendy and modern?
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  • A Walk Down Meadows

    Inspired by the meadows, foliage and greenery, we came up with this collection that speaks of elegance, purity and freshness. Colours such as precious emerald, martini olive, fresh pine, thyme green and grassy meadow make this collection lush and soothing.
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