Ebony and Ivory (Set of 6 Cushion Covers)

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Ebony and Ivory/ Checkmate: This set of 6 works fabulously in any area of your house. The black and white with a splash of yellow keeps the classiness of the space along with adding an element of color with the toned down embroidered yellow cushion cover. Despite being a color, the neutrality of the yellow makes it an easy use. This set includes 2 textured faux silk covers in black and white, a quilted pattern on black and 3 exquisitely hand embroidered silk cushion covers in white, brown and the beautiful butter yellow.
The 6 cushion covers included are:
• Manifest/ Ebony: Faux silk textured cushion cover 18"*18"
• Manifest/ Ivory: Faux silk textured cushion cover 18"*18"
• Banina/ Charcoal: Faux silk quilted cushion cover 20"*20"
• Zevar/  Daffodil: Mother of pearl silk cushion cover 16"*16"
• Pearlized/ Checkmate: Embroidered mother of pearl silk cushion cover 12"*20"
• Boucled grid/ Snow Flakes: Hand embroidered silk cushion cover 12"*12"

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