Glamour/ Paprika (Set of 3 Cushion Covers)

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Glamour/ Paprika: Small yet extremely effective. This set of 3 is a very easy and quick pick just to spice up any area. It is perfect to throw on almost any color sofa and just add vibrancy to that area. The covers include one textured brown faux silk, this chocolate brown faux silk cushion cover is textured to give it a three-dimensional look. One exquisite hand embroidery on red silk and one cord and mother of pearl hand embroidered garnet silk cover.
The 3 cushion covers included are:
• Manifest/ Chocolate brown: Faux silk textured cushion cover 18"*18"
• Merrell/ Garnet: Hand embroidered silk cushion cover 16"*16"
• Pearlized/ Garnet: Embroidered mother of pearl silk cushion cover 12"*12"

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