Subtle/ Amethyst (Set of 4 Cushion Covers)

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Primacy/ Wine: Purple as a color is a symbol of luxury and so is velvet as a fabric. And if they both come together the set formed speaks uber luxury! There are 4 covers in this set, each adding to the exclusiveness of your space. It includes one textured faux silk, a velvet cover, a hand embroidered mother of pearl cover on silk and a reversible embroidered and striped cushion cover. Simple, yet effective- This purple luxurious cushion cover looks very exquisite and striking.
The 4 cushion covers included are:
• Origami/ Grapes: Faux silk textured cushion cover 16"*16"
• Plush/ Grapes: Velvet cushion cover 16"*16"
• Pearlized/ Sangria: Embroidered mother of pearl silk cushion cover 12"*12"
• Lines and dots/ Elderberry wine: reversible quilted silk poly cushion cover 12"*20"

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