Yellow/ Zebra (Set of 4 Cushion Covers)

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Yellow Zebra: We believe that an accent element in any space creates a point of interest. In this set of 4, the small mellowed down yellow cushion cover with the black and white cushion covers, livens up your set up. There are 2 textured cushion covers in black and white, silk woven stripe in shades of black, white and grey with the accent silk polka dot cushion cover in silk is very suitable on a black, grey, white or taupe setting. 
The 4 cushion covers included are:
• Origami/ Ebony: Faux silk textured cushion cover 16"*16"
• Mosaic pyramids/ Vanilla: Textured faux silk cushion cover 12"*12"
• Rhine/ Checkmate: Silk woven cushion cover 16"*16"
• Polka/ Daffodil: Silk woven cushion cover 12"*12"

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